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Haptic Technology: Analyzing Gender - Gender Norms

Gender Norms

Gender relations refer to the social relations between individuals with different gender identities. These relations are governed by gender norms governing the social context in which the people meet, the expected behavior and preferences of men and women, and differential power between two people.

Gender norms and relations affect social touch. Researchers have found that men and women touch the opposite gender roughly the same amount. Women are more likely to touch each other more than are men (Hall and Veccia, 1990). Gender norms of touch differ by age. One study showed that in older mixed-gender pairs over the age of 30, women were more likely to be the toucher. In mixed-gender pairs under 30, men were more likely to be the toucher (Hall and Veccia, 1990).

In same-sex dyads, touch between men was found less pleasant than touch between women (Kosnar, 2012).

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