Short Course

Gendered Innovations: Harnessing the Creative Power of Gender Analysis for Discovery and Design

Interlocking Policies: Policy is one Driver of Innovation and Can Encourage Scientists and Engineers to Integrate Gender Analysis into Their Research

Case Studies: How Sex and Gender Analysis Lead to Innovation


Health & Medicine

Nutrition Surveys: Analyzing Sex and Gender
Hee Young Paik



Public Transportation: Rethinking Concepts and Theories
Inés Sánchez de Madariaga

Student Videos

video pic of male birthcontrol

video pic of menstrual hygiene in rural india

Male Birth Control: Analyzing Sex and Gender      
Aaron Holden and Kelly Nguyen, Stanford, '15
Menstrual Hygiene for Rural India:
Engineering Innovation Processes

Garima Sharma, Stanford, '15

improving organ transplants video
social Intelligence video
Improving Organ Transplants:
Analyzing How Sex and Gender Interact

Rebecca Gold, Stanford, '15

Socially Intelligent Robots:
Analyzing Gender

Meredith Burkle, Stanford, '16

GoldieBlox: Disrupting the Pink Aisle
GoldieBlox: Disrupting the Pink Aisle
Lucy Wang, Stanford '16

Video Archive

  • Gendered Innovations: Harnessing the Creative Power of Gender Analysis to
    Create New Knowledge (2014)
    In Honor of Ineke Klinge

    Londa Schiebinger
  • Policy for Funding Agencies, GenderNet, February 2015.
    Londa Schiebinger
  • Women and Gender in Science (KanaalZ, Belgium, 2013)
    Londa Schiebinger interviewed by Veronique Gossens

  • Gendered Innovations (2009)
    Londa Schiebinger




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