Mapping Emerging Practices for Public Granting Agencies

Numerous studies and the case studies on this website document that integrating sex, gender, and diversity analysis (SG&DA) into the design of research, where relevant, can lead to discovery and improved research methodology. To realize this potential, funding agencies have implemented policies for integrating this type of analysis into the grant proposal process.

Here we present a roadmap for funders to enhance policy success. Click on each of the five sections to find emerging global policies identified in our global review of 22 publicly funded agencies across six continents and from other national agencies. Standard practices, tailored as appropriate to country-specific cultures and regulatory landscapes, will enhance collaboration potential, global equity and research excellence.

Click on each of the five headings below to see emerging global practices.

Sex, gender and diversity analysis policy roadmap chart
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Our policy framework provides a roadmap for policy implementation and evaluation. It covers five aspects of public funding agencies’ efforts to promote SG&DA: (1) definition of terms; (2) proposal guidelines for applicants; (3) instructions for evaluators; (4) trainings for applicants, evaluators, and staff; (5) evaluation of policy implementation.

If we have missed an innovative policy, please email This is not an exhaustive list of all practices. These are examples of excellent practices that have been implemented effectively elsewhere. These may serve as models for new policy development, if relevant for your cultural context.

Our full study of the quality of SG&DA policies at 22 major public funding agencies across six continents is available here.

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